Bipolar and Psychosis (A letter to all the healthy people out there)

Post how you're feeling. Ask for support. Get others advice. Anything else that's BiPolar related be it BP1 or BP2
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Bipolar and Psychosis (A letter to all the healthy people out there)

Post by 12AM » Fri May 05, 2017 6:10 pm

Dear Society,

It is like riding a high-speed roller coaster with a track from mountain to valley in a lifetime duration. Ups and downs move terribly fast left us no time to breathe. Our time is stolen from us. It is both blissful and painful melody only us can dance to, and the people who cannot hear the melody think that we are out of our mind. Dancing and singing that is all we can do, since our body is not ours to control. When people are tired of running they can walk. Tired of walking they can sit. Tired of sitting they can lay down. But when even lying down is exhausting what else we can do?

Hallucinations make things worse. You get tired and mad when someone says harsh words and yells angrily at you, then you will run away, lock yourself in a quiet room to get a break. We have constant voices that say harsh words and angry at us every single second. You might think that those voices are just in our head, but know this fact, for us, there is no difference between voices in our head and your voice. We cannot run. We cannot hide. We never rest. We are the strongest soldiers that this world ever had. We are the real badass you are dreaming to be. But you know what? The road to be one of the strongest people is always rocky and lonely. So damn lonely.

Just like it is not enough, there is something called delusion. “Get over it”, you said. “There is no game over here, we said”. How can we live our life since we never know what is real and what is not? We are the prisoners of the other reality. We are the people you refuse to see. We are both angels and demons who bring out the deepest fear in a human’s heart. We make you afraid, anxious, and confuse that some of you choose to be ignorant, pretending you have never seen us. Then for your own sake, please realize this, without us, you will never win a golden ticket to the real happiness. There is no real happiness when we laugh while others cry. There is no real happiness in underestimating other's struggle. There is no real happiness without passion, and there is passion in compassion. So have a compassion, society, as we are here to make you see the world as it is, and not the world that you want to see.

Sincerely yours,
Bipolar Fighters

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Post by Phreak » Mon May 08, 2017 7:32 am

That's really cool and informative. Well done :-)

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