Latest changes and updates

Any guys. Any suggestions you have for the website regardless of what they are please shove them in here :-)
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Latest changes and updates

Post by Phreak » Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:58 pm

hey everybody,

Things have been happening!!

What's happened? Well the most obvious is the new site theme - feel free to post if you like it or not.
  • New Theme (The dark blue)
  • Awesome cool site logo! w00t w00t
  • Custom topic items - mostly implemented
  • Ability to translate forum threads
  • Donation bar.
  • Other random extensions
  • A few more condition descriptions written i.e. ADHD and er... PTSD
Other news. A YouTube streamer has offered to do a charity stream for us to help us to get some revenue. This may or may not happen. If it does clearly it'll be good for our donation total, as well as even more importantly being a potential source of users. Money helps us do more, but with no users we have no point of existing.

Current things we need money for, roughly in order of importance.
  1. Decent chatroom software
  2. Paid hosting
  3. SSL certificate
  4. Promotional T-Shirts to generate users
  5. Search Engine Optimisation.
SSL certificate update. Sparkles kindly donated some funds to us, part of which was used to purchase an SSL certificate, however we then found out that the free hosting that we're currently using doesn't support SSL certificates, this is why SSL certificate is below paid hosting. The good news is that we did get a refund on the SSL cert.

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