through the universe, i found you

May this be to allow your poetry to form motion however poetic or otherwise it may be :-)
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through the universe, i found you

Post by pmmurphy » Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:24 am


i was wallows
cratered on distant suns
as they burned me whole
without your vision...

your distaste for me
was stark
as you drank the last pitcher
that grew from my skin

for if you forget the taste
that lingers of me,
it would be a dark lonely



as though one can't understand
that i prosper into something

i harbor myself like a torrent
looking to give you easier access,
access to who i am and what i am about,
that was where

even though consumed
like the narcissist i have become
i can't escape you...


forever draped
in the blanket that i sew
the blanked that hides me from your sun,

my burial..

incantations only say so much
because i was the one who destroyed the moon.


pieces float in the air
where grasping tomorrow
and collecting the sun seems so impossible.

i am left to drift along the edges
of the ocean,
where drowning only happens
when i dip my head and
soak in the salt.


as though lands tend to be dryer
and easier to part with,
collect yourself on and prepare.

the water is too deep,
and i wish to conquer it,
you have given me reason to swim
even if only
a mediocre attempt to further understand

that maybe moons are best kept unbroken
and suns are best viewed at a distance.

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