did she?

May this be to allow your poetry to form motion however poetic or otherwise it may be :-)
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did she?

Post by pmmurphy » Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:02 pm

for i loved...

i loved her,
at least, i thought i did.

i thought she was the everything
and the ending to my novel
that special chapter and the preface to my writing.

i thought she was everything i ever knew
that perfect somebody to place in my heart
forever caged in my lust.

i wished she was a diagram on how to swoon me over
like the delicate little bug towards her flower patch.

for i loved again,
yes i say again
for at one point i loved myself,
even though those thoughts drifted away
into the layered idea
and let downs of trials past.

loving her was easy
because i was gently keeping myself in check
like the papered document used to monitor my daily routine,
a calendar of sorts, everything was organized
and easily planned out.

everything seemed simple,
it seemed right.

maybe that was my mistake as
dancing with light
should be dangerous,
not simple...

if i truly loved i would cry,
and yes i did.

when she leaves...

if i truly loved i would run for miles
and do everything i can to be with her
as i tried

but she leaves...

i don't think the question is
if i truly loved,
i think the real question is...

did she?

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