Depression is a ball ache

May this be to allow your poetry to form motion however poetic or otherwise it may be :-)
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Depression is a ball ache

Post by Phreak » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:06 pm

Depression is a ball ache
Depression really sucks
It makes me feel like crap
And sometimes really sad

Why do I feel like shit?
I really do not know.
What's on my mind?
What's bothering me?

Why the fuck do you expect me to know?

I don't know why I feel like death
Like slitting my wrists would be fun
All I know is that I want
this sucky life to be done

Wow you won the lottery,
So what? I feel like shit.
Why aren't you smiling?
Why, would I, I'm still me

Money doesn't help me feel,
Any less shit inside,
It doesn't help me to feel,
That life is full of surprise

Money changes not a thing,
My life still fucking sucks
Just because I won the lottery,
And have a million bucks.

Ten million you say?
Well that's okay
Now I can buy a gun,
Just one bullet please!

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